Laser Treatment for Cold Sores

Having a cold sore may not be the worst thing that could ever happen to you, but they certainly aren’t any fun. Do you get cold sores? Did you know that your dentist can help them to go away more quickly? Read on for information about cold sores and how your dentist can help! What are cold …

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How much do root canals really hurt?

Would you rather have a tax audit or a root canal? Root canals have gained a reputation for being painful, bordering on torture. But do they deserve this reputation? (Your dentist would probably say they do not!) And what exactly happens during a root canal, anyway? What is a root canal? You may have heard that root …

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The Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum

It is easy to pop in a piece of gum to freshen your breath after your morning coffee – or maybe you are one of those people who is always chewing gum. Do you ever wonder if that gum chewing habit is affecting your teeth and if it’s one you should quit? The cons of chewing gum …

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Why are my gums receding?

One day you’re brushing your teeth, and you happen to notice that you are seeing more tooth and less gums than you used to. It doesn’t look quite right, but is gum recession something to worry about? Should you rush to see your dentist or is this something harmless? The causes of gum recession Gum recession is …

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Just Say No to Tartar

In Pound Ridge we’re not very far from some pretty famous coastline and some pretty famous fishing grounds. While it may be frowned upon at a restaurant in Manhattan, many people like their fish with a little tartar sauce. While Dr. Smith and Dr. Feng may question if that’s a suitable culinary decision for fresh …

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Not a Bridge Too Far

In other blogs here at Pound Ridge, we’ve addressed why we hate to see patients not replace a missing tooth or two. Sure, you may think no one sees the missing tooth if it’s a molar. And it’s only a missing tooth, right? Ah, but missing teeth create gaps in your smile, and the teeth …

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Should You Use a Mouthwash?

If you’re here in our Pound Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry blog, you may have seen our January entry on why bad breath can be a thing. Obviously, a mouthwash would come in handy in those scenarios. So, how about for March’s two blogs we get into mouthwashes and why you should make one a part of …

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