Do you grind your teeth?

Constant tooth grinding (also known as “bruxism”) is a serious problem and it can cause serious issues – and yet you may not even realize you grind your teeth! Read on for signs that you grind your teeth, the problems it can cause, and what you can do about it. Why do people grind their teeth? …

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Not a Bridge Too Far

In other blogs here at Pound Ridge, we’ve addressed why we hate to see patients not replace a missing tooth or two. Sure, you may think no one sees the missing tooth if it’s a molar. And it’s only a missing tooth, right? Ah, but missing teeth create gaps in your smile, and the teeth …

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Sealing Out the Decay

You seal your deck. You may seal your driveway. But what about your child’s teeth? They need some help, especially back in the fissures of the molars, to keep out the bacteria that is the start of decay. To help, we provide dental sealants at Pound Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry.  And considering that pillowcase full of …

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Dental Bonding

No one has perfect teeth. Most of us have some discoloration, a chip here or there, an oddly shaped tooth, even a gap between a couple teeth. For minor cosmetic defects, dental bonding at Pound Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry is a great solution.  Dental bonding uses a resin material made from a combination of ceramic and …

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Look Ma, No Fillings. Sort of.

If you’re over 30, you’re likely to have at least one silver spot in one of your molars. A silver amalgam filling. As their name implies, a filling is used to fill in the space where decayed tooth matter was removed. Since the 1800s the material of choice for fillings was silver amalgam.  That was …

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