Botox For Men Is On The Uptick

Wanting to look your best is only normal and good self care means looking at all all the options.  A lot of guys these days are becoming increasingly focused on skin-care.  Botox (and fillers too) no longer discriminates on the basis of gender. The taboos are rapidly lifting, especially for the millennial generation.   

Botox is safe and effective

While Botox has now been around for over 30 years, in the past decade the number of men getting Botox has increased nearly 30%.   Dr. Smith is a Botox provider who has significant experience with injectables and facial aesthetics. She offers Botox and fillers to both men and women in the comfort of her warm, inviting spa like offices.

Botox can stop wrinkles from forming in the first place!

Botox is a safe and effective injectable muscle relaxant that is injected in very small concentrations effectively preventing the muscles from contracting.  In fact, Botox actually helps those fine lines and wrinkles from starting in the first place and softens existing lines and wrinkles.   Dr. Smith uses a very fine  needle, thereby minimizing discomfort.  Full results are visible within 3 – 7 days and last typically 3 – 4 months before a  touch up.

Why is Botox now more popular than ever among men?

Taboos about men’s self care in terms of health and appearance are on the wane.  And then there’s Instagram! With the proliferation of selfies on social media, there has been a steep rise in men opting for a variety of cosmetic procedures, Botox being the most popular.

What to expect

During your first appointment, you will have an examination / consultation with Dr. Smith.  She will work with you  to decide what areas of your face need treatment.  For  a lot of men, the major injection sites include forehead, eye area, and perhaps the hairline and cheek areas.

Don’t worry, your face will not look expressionless or frozen! You will just look younger, more rested, the best version of yourself!


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