Do you grind your teeth?

Cheek pain face pain TMJ Bruxism Constant tooth grinding (also known as “bruxism”) is a serious problem and it can cause serious issues – and yet you may not even realize you grind your teeth! Read on for signs that you grind your teeth, the problems it can cause, and what you can do about it.

Why do people grind their teeth? Bruxism is actually a common problem, and everyone grinds their teeth occasionally. But it can result in serious issues if you do it all the time. You may do it as a result of stress or anxiety or because your teeth are misaligned, which can happen when you are missing a tooth or when teeth are crooked. It can even be related to sleep issues such as sleep apnea.

You might grind your teeth during the day and not realize it, and/or you might grind them at night. Your partner may tell you that your tooth grinding is so loud that they can hear it, or you may start having symptoms of tooth grinding, which include headaches and tense and painful neck, jaw, and facial muscles. Ear pain is yet another sign that you might grind your teeth.

You also might find out that you grind your teeth when you visit your dentist and he or she tells you that your teeth are damaged. Bruxism can cause the enamel on teeth to wear down, and it can cause teeth to become chipped or cracked, which can lead to infection.

How is bruxism treated?

There are many different treatments for bruxism, including being fitted for a night guard that will keep teeth from touching as you sleep, Botox injections to relax your muscles, and medication. If you grind your teeth because of stress or anxiety, it can help to find ways to cope with this stress. Having dental work, such as an implant to replace a lost tooth, can also help to align top and bottom teeth and reduce grinding.

If you think that you grind your teeth, don’t wait to get help. Visit Pound Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry to make sure your teeth aren’t suffering damage from bruxism. Call 914-764-3540 for an appointment today!


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