How To Get A Brighter, Whiter Smile (It’s Easier Than You Think)

We’ve all been there, you snap a photo or look in the mirror and flash that million-dollar smile, only to realize it’s not quite as pearly white as you remembered. Instantly you feel the need to cover your mouth and hide your smile from the world… Fight the urge! Try these simple tricks to get a bright, white smile you’ll want to show off.

Brush well and often

How do you know when you’ve sufficiently brushed your teeth? Your teeth should feel smooth and not fuzzy when you’re done brushing. That fuzz and stickiness is plaque, which can harden due to minerals in your saliva and then become attached to teeth. Plaque is usually yellowish in color and picks up stains from food easily, leading to a less than perfect smile. (Tip: if you’re having trouble removing plaque with a regular toothbrush, try an electric one).

Make an investment

If you want that perfectly white smile, and fast, consider having your teeth professionally whitened. This is a great solution if you have an event coming up and you know your smile will be on display. Professional whitening can be pricey so be sure to maintain your teeth after whitening with Crest white strips or a whitening product recommended by your dentist.

Peroxide is your friend

It may sound a little out there but hydrogen peroxide is actually a great way to whiten teeth at home and is not harmful to your teeth or gums. Brush and rinse with peroxide once every two weeks to help remove stains.

Watch what you eat

As we said earlier, food and drinks can cause stains on your teeth. Foods that are dark in color (ie: red wine, coffee, and chocolate) are especially problematic. Acidic foods could also be affecting the whiteness of your teeth by thinning the enamel that protects teeth. When enamel gets worn down, teeth can become blueish or more yellow in appearance because the tooth structure is permitted to show through.

Visit your dentist regularly!

Visiting your dentist for regular cleanings is the best way to ensure your smile stays in tip top shape. Dentists are able to remove plaque in hard to get places and catch cavities early before they turn into bigger problems.


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