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lady good mood charming cute appearance raise fists celebrate In other blogs here at Pound Ridge, we’ve addressed why we hate to see patients not replace a missing tooth or two. Sure, you may think no one sees the missing tooth if it’s a molar. And it’s only a missing tooth, right?

Ah, but missing teeth create gaps in your smile, and the teeth on each side of the missing tooth or two like to slide over into the open space. That can create havoc with your bite.

So, why not come in and see Dr. Smith or Dr. Feng and let us fit you for a bridge to replace that missing tooth or teeth.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are true bridges because they span a gap in your smile. While not as strong as dental implants, dental bridges are common dental restorations.

Bridge are single-piece prosthetics. They are anchored by two crowns placed onto the healthy teeth on each side of the missing tooth or teeth. Just as with bridges over rivers, these are called the abutments. These crowns are attached to the false tooth or teeth in the middle. The entire bridge is made of one piece, typically acrylic fused to a metal base with porcelain artificial teeth.

We take impressions of the area, and these are sent to a dental lab where your custom bridge is fabricated.

What’s the Process of Getting a Bridge?

We’ll need you for two appointments to have a bridge placed. During the first appointment at our offices on Westchester Avenue in Pound Ridge we prepare the two abutment teeth for their crowns. To do so, we shave down the teeth on all sides and the top. This is necessary to make room for the crowns to cover your natural teeth all the way down to the gum line. Plus, adjusting the shape of the natural teeth make great surfaces for adhesion.

We then take dental impressions, and we gauge the shade of your natural tooth enamel. The artificial teeth in your crown are matched to that enamel color. This information is sent to the lab to build your crown. In the interim, we place temporary crowns on the two abutment teeth.

When your new bridge is shipped to our offices (usually it takes about two weeks), you return for the second appointment. We check the fit and color match, and if all looks great, we cement the bridge permanently onto your teeth. Now your smile is once again complete!

Isn’t it time to do something about that missing tooth or teeth? Call us at Pound Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry, (914) 764-3540, to schedule an appointment.


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