Tetracycline — Why It Made Teeth Grey

When tetracycline was introduced over 60 years ago, people were thrilled to have another alternative antibiotic. While it was bad for bacteria, tetracycline also proved bad for the dentin in children’s teeth, causing a reaction that stained the patient’s teeth grey. The first case of reported tooth discoloration in children occurred in 1956. Many, many …

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Gingivitis Isn’t for Holiday Cookies

Gingivitis. Everyone has heard the word. That’s not probably due to the average person’s knowledge of dental problems, however. It’s more likely the result of hearing the term in mouthwash commercials. After all, gingivitis sounds pretty scary, so it’s perfect for advertising. And Madison Avenue is only an hour and change away from Pound Ridge! …

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Sealing Out the Decay

You seal your deck. You may seal your driveway. But what about your child’s teeth? They need some help, especially back in the fissures of the molars, to keep out the bacteria that is the start of decay. To help, we provide dental sealants at Pound Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry.  And considering that pillowcase full of …

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You Should Go Electric

Electric toothbrushes used to be mainly a sideshow. They came with cartoon figures in the handle to make them interesting for kids, but their brushheads basically only vibrates. Vibrating brushheads didn’t really do much to brush the plaque and food from your teeth unless you basically used them just as you would a manual toothbrush. …

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Dental Bonding

No one has perfect teeth. Most of us have some discoloration, a chip here or there, an oddly shaped tooth, even a gap between a couple teeth. For minor cosmetic defects, dental bonding at Pound Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry is a great solution.  Dental bonding uses a resin material made from a combination of ceramic and …

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Give Your Mouth a Smile Makeover

Are there things you hate about your smile? Every morning as you’re getting ready for work, there they are. Well, what if you gave your smile a mulligan of sorts? What if you gave it a smile makeover from Pound Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry?  A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of your …

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